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Good Deals

So, I am taking on the task of travelling with a 5 month old in a few weeks. I will be attempting to board an aircraft in Birmingham, switch flights in Phoenix, land in Las Vegas, and hopefully gather a stroller, a carseat and 1 checked bag along with my baby and a carryon and grab a cab to my hotel in one graceful swoop. Say a prayer….

Since I will be there for 4 days, I am using disposable inserts for the first few days. I will also need more covers since I only own 8 at the time. Well, with this in mind, I scourged the internet looking for coupon codes and discounts. Well, did I hit the jackpot! And I don’t mind sharing with everyone.  If you go to ebates which is a fabulous little website that actually gives you cash back… that’s right.. you get a check in the mail for a certain percentage every time you go through their website to get to other websites to make your purchases. Believe me, I’ve done it and I’ve received the check and the $10 gift card you receive after you make your first purchase. So, go to ebates and then scroll down to soap.com, where it will tell you that you will receive 4% back.  After there it will direct you to soap.com and you can make your purchases there. Soap.com ships along with diapers.com, yoyo.com, wag.com and casa.com.  After your total is $25 or more, you receive free shipping.  And to make things better, I discovered a lovely little coupon code that gets you 20% off your entire purchase.  AMAZING!!  So, do not delay!  If you need to replenish your stock of Rockin’ Green cloth diaper soap or buy new diapers or even dog food you should jump on this deal.  Seriously, jump on it! Coupon code is BUYMORESAV .

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The diapers are here! … and potty training?

Like most moms, I get super excited when I get something in the mail, which is one of the reasons I love ordering online. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if the 1 store in town that carries the diapers I want to use actually sold them at an affordable price I would love to support them but right now I need to save the extra $15 a box. So, last week my 2 day packs of Flip diapers and my unbleached cotton pre-folds arrived. I immediately tore into the box and was pleased to find the blossom and grasshopper colored diaper covers and the stay dry inserts that I found.  I also had ordered some Rockin’ Green detergent and immediately got to work pre-washing my diapers. I washed them twice through and hung them to dry on my rack along with the pre-folds that I will use while Lucy (my little one in my belly) is a newborn. Oh, I also ordered some Snappi ‘s which I hear are indispensable when using basic pre-folds around the house.  So, now I am almost set….right? I just need a baby to use these on! I got so excited that I decided to try my 2 year old (who has no interest in potty training) in a Flip diaper. He immediately fussed and fussed when I put it on him but soon after got used to the way it felt and pretended like everything was normal.  Something interesting did happen though the next day when I had him in one.  He immediately came to me after I put it on him and told me that he had tee-tee’d in his diaper.  Wow…he had never said that before! I guess because he could feel it! So, maybe these diapers will be the first stepping stone for Jack in using the potty full time…I’ll keep you updated.

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