Yes, 2 months later and I’m still alive

So, I know it’s been a couple of months and I apologize. Like most things in my life that I got excited about, my blog has been greatly diminished by the demands of my 3 month old baby and almost 3 year old son. Wow, everyone tells you that you will be completely overwhelmed by your 2nd child but you don’t get it until it actually happens. Your 2 year old wants you to play with his trains, or trucks or hold him or chase him all the while you have a newborn attached to you (literally), milk is spilling everywhere..on you, the baby and the floor from your 2 year old throwing his drink on the floor just to get your attention.  And somehow in the middle of those moments, you are supposed to work your business, clean your house, do your laundry, cook dinners, go to the grocery and run errands…seriously!!??

But you know the one thing I don’t have to worry about? Buying diapers..that’s right. I’ve made it work! It’s the easiest part of my day and I love just walking by the diaper aisle and not having to put that extra $15-25 in my buggy.

I have taken on the beginnings of using cloth wipes so I will update on that later along with my yummy cloth wipe solution..until then..enjoy this little lovely that makes all the hard work and spilled milk worth it.

photo courtesy of Lauren at Piper Photography



One thought on “Yes, 2 months later and I’m still alive

  1. oceanchild825 says:

    Omg they both have the *best* hair!!!!!!

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