The diapers are here! … and potty training?

Like most moms, I get super excited when I get something in the mail, which is one of the reasons I love ordering online. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if the 1 store in town that carries the diapers I want to use actually sold them at an affordable price I would love to support them but right now I need to save the extra $15 a box. So, last week my 2 day packs of Flip diapers and my unbleached cotton pre-folds arrived. I immediately tore into the box and was pleased to find the blossom and grasshopper colored diaper covers and the stay dry inserts that I found.  I also had ordered some Rockin’ Green detergent and immediately got to work pre-washing my diapers. I washed them twice through and hung them to dry on my rack along with the pre-folds that I will use while Lucy (my little one in my belly) is a newborn. Oh, I also ordered some Snappi ‘s which I hear are indispensable when using basic pre-folds around the house.  So, now I am almost set….right? I just need a baby to use these on! I got so excited that I decided to try my 2 year old (who has no interest in potty training) in a Flip diaper. He immediately fussed and fussed when I put it on him but soon after got used to the way it felt and pretended like everything was normal.  Something interesting did happen though the next day when I had him in one.  He immediately came to me after I put it on him and told me that he had tee-tee’d in his diaper.  Wow…he had never said that before! I guess because he could feel it! So, maybe these diapers will be the first stepping stone for Jack in using the potty full time…I’ll keep you updated.

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